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Gleave delivers a more tailored industrial supplies service so our customers can achieve better results including greater product availability, reduced total product acquisition costs and useful management reports – freeing you to focus on your core business strengths.

How much or how little we customise an industrial supply chain solution is up to you, but here are just some of the options & benefits:

  • Improving product availability & efficiency, so you always have what you need when you need it.
  • Rationalising product ranges, advising on substitutions; reducing cost and complexity.
  • Technical product expertise, reviewing applications and providing useful advice.
  • Managing extensive supplier networks, reducing your cost & management time.
  • Managing consignment & bonded stock; just for you.
  • Reducing total acquisition costs through consolidated suppliers and efficient procurement.
  • Product marking, custom labelling and re-packaging to streamline product handling & processing.
  • Bespoke kits for products and PPE, increasing efficiency & safety whilst reducing cost.
  • Access to world-class manufacturers, laboratories and test facilities.
  • Enhancing sustainability.
  • Customised online catalogues, controlling expenditure & minimising off-contract spend.
  • E-procurement solutions to make purchasing, management & compliance easier.
  • Customised invoicing.
  • User-friendly management reports and real-time performance visibility.

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